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What You Should Know About Content Marketing

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Content marketing is quickly becoming the new buzzword as more and more marketers realize the power of online marketing.

Many people may think that the only thing you need to do is publish content on your website. But there’s a lot more.

Let’s begin with a simple definition.

Content marketing is an approach that involves creating and promoting valuable and unique content for a targeted audience.

It’s important to make your content “unique” and “valuable.” There are so many people putting out content every day that it is vital you go the extra mile to be noticed.

All starts with the right mindset. The content marketing ideas you come up with shouldn’t be based on the product or service that you are trying to promote. Content marketing ideas should start with a thought of how you can help and be helpful to your potential customers and leads.

Here is an example to simplify:

McDonald’s has launched a new campaign entitled “Our Food”. Your Questions.”

The campaign was designed to correct the growing image problems of the fast food giant and to position it as a brand committed to sustainability.

The forum forced the company to become more transparent with its customers.

The company answered questions regarding how it sources its ingredients, why certain products are labelled a particular way, and how the products are prepared.

McDonald’s improved its brand image through transparency, even though the main goal of this content-marketing strategy was to educate consumers. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Why is content marketing important?

In a certain sense, content marketing is unique. Content marketing is unique in that it focuses not only on information but also the delivery of this information.

Content isn’t limited to articles. Content includes social media posts, videos and photos, podcasts. e-books, infographics, case studies, tutorials and reviews.

Ahrefs is a SEO platform that’s mainly used by agencies. The company not only produces long-form articles that explain SEO concepts but also has a YouTube channel with video tutorials, guides and tips on some of the most complex SEO strategies and tactics.

You’ve heard it before: content is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s true. This is especially true if you invest time in content that will last forever.

Content that is evergreen (also called cornerstone or anchor content), is content you will continually update and improve, so it remains relevant and stands the test of time.

Check out our guides on SEO pricing and on-page SEO for examples of our evergreen content.

Remember: Content marketing is about entertaining and informative material. Most readers find it less intrusive and more entertaining than a typical print or display advertisement.

Although most people won’t be thrilled to find a flyer under their windshield wipers, they might be delighted to spend time watching sponsored media that helps them to improve their business or lives.

Content marketing is a great way to market in the digital age because its results are easy to track and measure.

Google Analytics reports or reports produced by any other analytics software will give you a deeper understanding of your marketing strategy and the impact it has on conversions.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Strategic planning is key to ensuring your content marketing campaigns are successful.

Let’s begin by identifying your target audience.

Determine your target audience

You’ll want to know who will be reading and viewing your content before you create it.

Start by examining your product, competitors and existing customers. Look at what they have in common, and what problems they’re trying to solve.

Click on “Audience”, and the drop-down list will appear. The drop-down menu will show you different options for visitor filters.

Click on Demographic > age to view the visitors’ age brackets. You will see a graph showing visitors grouped by age.

If you’d like to compare your new audience with your returning one, choose Behavior > New vs. Returning.

These Audience filters allow you to categorize your visitors and understand what kind of traffic you receive.

Create a content calendar

Consistency is key, especially if you are new to blogging. Create a content schedule and hold your team and yourself accountable for sticking to it.

You should be able plan your posts ahead of time with a content calendar. Consider quarterly, monthly, or annual goals. Also, consider product launches, holidays and current trends in content marketing. The rest of your day can be spent writing.

It is even more important if your plan includes investing in content other than blog posts. When there are multiple stakeholders, centralizing everyone’s due dates and responsibilities is a powerful tool.

Trello is the tool we use to manage our content calendar. However, there are other options, such as dedicated services or apps, like CoSchedule.

Use the right tools

You’ll also need marketing tools to speed up content creation.

We could make endless recommendations, but we will focus on just a few.

You will need a SEO tool to assist you with copywriting, keyword research and other SEO tasks. Ahrefs and SEMrush are recommended.

Topic Discovery – Do some research on the topics that are most relevant to you. Google Trends and BuzzSumo both have their pros and cons.

Promotion – Once your content is live you will still need to promote it. Promotion is usually done through regular social updates, reposting and email outreach. Consider using MeetEdgar or SocialPilot for the social aspect.

“Uniqueness”: Plagiarism online is just as serious as in the classroom. You can and should cite other useful sources, provided you give proper credit. However, the majority of your content must be original. To be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to run your content through a plagiarism-checker such as DupliChecker and Grammarly.

Keep your content quality consistent

Consistency is important. You should also consider quality consistency, not just publication cadence.

Hiring an editor, or using a tool that allows you to edit content, is the best way to guarantee high-quality publishing.

You can avoid grammatical mistakes, inaccuracies and incorrect branding by having someone else check your articles. You’ll also want to ensure that your website is performing at its best before you post your content.

Here are some other ways to take the bull by its horns.

Streamline Your Workflow

Organising a workflow that is efficient can make a huge difference, whether you are writing internally, working with freelancers, or collaborating with an external partner.

This is a great goal for your content creation workflow.

Step 1: Select a topic on your content calendar, and assign it a writer. The brief should contain the topics you would like the writer to address and the keywords that you’d like him to use. Please be as specific as you can.

Step 2: Now it’s time to start the process. Research first, then draft the copy. Some writers may also be responsible for the photos, so you’ll need to allow them time to edit. It is important to set deadlines, but they should never be unreasonable.

After the draft has been submitted, do a quality check. Note the sections that require revision. The exchange will continue until both parties are satisfied.

Step 4: Publish your post. Do not forget to share your content via social media. You can check your analytics after a few weeks or days to see if a post has gained traction.

This is a boilerplate method that can be modified to suit your specific needs.

Always invest in research

Keyword research is a key part of creating quality content.

You can make your audience more trusting by posting consistently well-researched content.

It might appear that cutting corners during the research phase is not a big issue after a while. After all, you know your space, market and audience very well. Trust me, the world changes. You won’t be able to tell unless you do the work up front.

Embrace variety

You don’t have to stop experimenting with new content just because you want to maintain a certain tone. Your audience is likely to leave if your articles are badly written, boring, or lack character. You may not feel it immediately, but you will over time.

Try presenting the information in different formats and spice things up every now and then. If your audience or content requires humor, add some.

Don’t be afraid to be creative.

Many business owners are interested in using surveys to increase engagement with their visitors. Quiz surveys or assessments can be included on service and product pages to help brands collect valuable data while sharing their expertise. If you are new to using surveys on your website, we recommend that you try Survey Anywhere. It is very easy to use.

Some common content marketing mistakes to avoid

You will make mistakes, but you can easily avoid these ones.

Create content that doesn’t have a clear message — Readers will be frustrated if they read an article of any length and find out there is no takeaway. Your audience should learn something new after reading your article.

It’s okay to publish a lot of articles. You can only maintain high standards if you are able to do so. If writers rush to write articles, they are more prone to errors and inaccuracies. Writers should take great care to write posts that are accurate and well-written.

It is important to write for algorithms, not people. It does not mean that you should spam all your posts. Keywords must still sound natural. You’re not doing it right if your article sounds robotic.



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