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These are the 5 best backlink checkers

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Search engine optimization today relies on the creation of high-quality links. The value of a link is not only determined by the number of people who link to you. You don’t want to ruin your SEO by using bad link building techniques after investing in keyword research, great content and writing.

You can only be sure by using a tool to track your backlinks.

Use the top five backlink checkers to improve your SEO strategy.


SEOJet, to be fair, is more than just a backlink checking tool. It is a full-featured software for backlinks. We integrate with many of the backlink checking tools on this list so that you can get a complete picture of your backlink profile.

SEOJet takes the existing backlinks on your site and creates a map (we call it link map) of future backlinks to be acquired in order to surpass your #1 ranking competitors. Technically, yes we report your backlinks. But only to give you the number of backlinks that you need to obtain to beat out your #1 ranked competitors.

SEOJet uses real-time Google data to create a link building strategy that will help you create a natural profile of backlinks that is similar to other top-ranked pages. The software does not just tell you what you’ve done to date in terms of links, but also what you should do to reach the top of Google.

The Competitor Lock Report is one of the most useful features in SEOJet. This report compares the backlink profiles of your top competitors for any keyword to your own and lets you know what you’re missing. This report will also show you which backlinks your competitors have and which ones your website does not have.

Since I created SEOJet, it is obvious that I am biased.


This platform offers a full range of services, including SEO research, content management, analytics, and content creation. This suite includes a backlink feature that allows marketing teams to easily research backlink sources. It will also monitor your backlinks constantly and alert you if there is any danger.

The platform has tools that help you disavow a link if he or she decides to link your website. You can also use their content seeding tool to build high-quality, sustainable backlinks.

This video shows the platform in action. You can also sign up for a trial to try out all of its features.


BuzzSumo, a platform for content marketers, helps you discover trending topics that can inspire your own creations. The database sort content by social sharing, showing what people are interested in based on your keywords or query. Filter results by date and type of content. You can also filter them by language, country, or other information to find the most relevant ones.

You can use their backlinks tool to view the websites that are linked to a specific domain or URL. It’s a great tool to see not only your own backlinks but those of your competition. You can see who links to your competitors and make conclusions about the most popular backlinks. You can use this feature to determine why some content is more successful than others.

For seven days, you can try the BuzzSumo feature of backlinks for free. This feature is included in the BuzzSumo Pro bundle, which includes a number of other useful content marketing tools. You can use the Pro service to set up alerts for keywords and backlinks so you stay ahead of your competition.


Linkody monitors your backlinks 24/7, but that is just the start. Linkody is a great partner because they have a lot to offer.

Linkody’s interface is one of the most user-friendly of all backlink tools. You can easily onboard and use the best features without spending time on training or tutorials.

They’ve also automated their service, so you can enjoy hands-free monitoring of links.

You can monitor your links and those of your competitors. You can easily identify and disavow any bad links. You can use the link building strategies of your competitors to your advantage. You’ll also be able know instantly if you have gained or lost valuable backlinks. You have worked hard to earn these links, and you deserve to be notified if they are removed.

Linkody offers a variety of metrics that measure your performance and provide you with easy-to understand insights. Linkody, unlike other tools which offer backlink monitoring along with other SEO tools is solely focused on backlink strategies. They are better positioned to provide a more comprehensive service than those who include backlink services in a platform.

Ahrefs (Integrates SEOJet)

Ahrefs has the most comprehensive spying tools for competitors. They may be right when they claim that Ahrefs is the best tool to check backlink data. Their bots scan over 4 billion pages each day to maintain the most up-to-date list of backlinks.

The tool allows you to enter any URL (yours or a competitor’s) and view all the backlinks for that particular page. You can see information such as anchor text, social sharing, and more.

Other features can be used to spy on a website, like the URL rating (UR), which gives you an idea of the backlink profile strength. The URL Ranking factor is designed to correlate to Google’s PageRank formula and provides a more accurate picture of how a web page will rank when compared with the other Ahrefs backlink metrics.

Domain Rating (DR), also known as Domain Score, is a way to determine the overall quality of backlinks on a website. You want backlinks that are from sites with a high DR. These will be more valuable than links from websites with a lower DR.

Ahrefs offers a 7-day free trial, giving you access to their entire service and features.


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