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The Complete Guide to Guest Posting

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Why Do You Want To Guest Post?

When done correctly, this can have a significant impact on your search visibility. Simple and straightforward.

As an example, let’s take our own business. We’ve increased our contributions to publications to increase our audience and to earn quality placements.

This is a powerful tool that continues to improve rankings and engagement.

In truth, it’s a matter of doing what you preach.

We can say with confidence that the data we have collected in only 12 months confirms what we already know to be true.

Blogs, and in particular guest posts, are a sure way to move the needle.

Let’s now look at why this is still the case.

External Links Are Still Important

Over the last decade, link building has received a bad reputation. This is because unscrupulous players have abused it.

Take a look on Fiverr at the results you get if you search for “link-building”. Yikes. 1000 spam links for only $10 Count me out.

Of course, established digital agencies that are reputable and well-known never use this method anymore. We’ve come a long way since the days of PBNs.

SEO agencies are now focusing on earning links that are natural and free of charge.

You may be like me and find that numbers can sometimes help. Moz’s Ranking Factor Report is a great place to start. External links are the top ranking factor in Google every two years. Focus should be on building relevant and strong links.

Google will not be your friend if you try to cut corners. Earning natural links can be a very effective way to increase your ranking in SERP results.

What is the most common method of doing this? Blogging. Guest posting is a popular tactic.

This is a great way to earn money. You will not only build relevant links but also get your brand, your voice and your website in front of new audiences and earn some new subscribers or leads.

The Art of Asking Questions

I will take a moment to rant, and then I promise that I’ll leave my soapbox.

You’ll be amazed at how often you find new friends, allies and opportunities when you have the courage to ask. You’ll be surprised at how many new friends, allies and opportunities you can find.

Will you be rejected? Yes! Do you find it frightening to expose yourself? Yes, I suppose!

What do you have to lose at the end?

You need to approach guest postings with this mentality. Take the plunge and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Be genuine and honest and bring value to the table. If it’s a chance to work together on a project that will benefit both parties, or a “trick” of the trade you have developed, identify and highlight your value to an editor/publisher.

Do yourself a favour and avoid templated emails. If you have to, write it in your voice and with your own words.

Do not be formal and stuffy. Try out some weird subject lines. Go crazy! What do you still have to lose, again?

Think of editors as being pitched every day. It’s like sending your resume. You’ve already lost if you send a dull resume via the “front-door application system”.

Mutual Connections

Remember to think of the process as a job search. You know what to say if you share a connection with an editor. Ask for the job and start the process. Do not overthink the situation! LinkedIn is your best friend.

Trading up

Name-dropping your most recent publications is a great way to gain instant credibility. This will give you instant credibility, and show that you aren’t just a hack.

This technique has been very effective for me over the last 6 months. It’s a great technique. Be tactful, and use taste when you name drop. You could also make a joke at your expense.

Stand out in the crowd

Do what you have to do, preferably without being obnoxious. Let your freak flag fly.

I have gotten positive responses from publications who would have considered me “out of…

Open the email with a joke

Using horribly bad puns with great effect

Write a bizarre or funny subject line to show you that you can attract readers and clicks

It’s now time to start working.

It’s not worth it to spend time on your ask or email copy if the editor doesn’t see it. Use an email finder to ensure that you are sending the correct email address. If you’re looking for more information, this guide will help you find the contact details of any publisher.

Try these alternatives instead

Create original and entertaining content

Well, duh.

I could talk for hours on how to create engaging content. Then I would be at risk of not heeding my own advice.

Assess the current goals of your content strategy.

Want to get a lot of low-impact work? You want to work with a few middle-of-the road publishers? Go after the big fish!

Keep in mind that your goals will dictate the course of action you take.

Top Tier Outlets

You’ll never get anywhere by spinning a piece that has already been done to death.

Be original. Bring something new to the table. Write about your own life and share a story.

Your readers love to read stories and are interested in your opinions and experiences. It is also a great way to establish your credibility as an influential person.

Middle Tier Outlets

This will allow you to cover topics that are not necessarily “groundbreaking”.

It’s still important to write something original and entertaining, but not a masterpiece. These types of articles are more difficult to write, and their cost-benefit ratio decreases as the value or the outlet declines.

Remember to keep it short and actionable. Advice that readers can take action on is one of the best things you can do to make them feel appreciated.

Lower Tier Outlets

Rewriting and covering “tired topics” can become acceptable.

This is a simple ROI calculation. How much time should you spend creating an amazing piece of content that will not drive traffic to the outlet or make a significant difference in SEO results?

You can avoid wasting time by determining the appropriate scale for these opportunities.

Each Link Counts

I don’t wish to convey the idea that you should stop putting in your best effort at stores with a lower DA. I would caution you not to ever truly ‘phone it in.

Each link is important. Each link is important. All links are not created equal.

When you plan your guest posting strategy, you should consider a portfolio of diverse and relevant publishing opportunities.

Aim high, and don’t forget to repeat it for good measure! You will never know what is possible unless you grab it and reach for it.

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