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The Benefits of SEO

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You’ve heard about SEO (search engine optimization) a lot.

We’re pretty excited about it at RankPay. It’s not surprising. To be fair, people do sometimes get carried away.

Some people will tell you that a good website and an effective SEO strategy are essential to a successful online business. You might hear that if you “follow this 5 step” you can triple your website traffic in one month.

The ridiculous guarantees that “we’ll make you number one” are my personal favorites.


It’s also possible that you noticed that such claims come with a pricey tag. You may be like me and not enjoy being given unrealistic results. I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than dramatically disappointed.

What can you expect in reality? Quite a lot. Let’s go a bit deeper.

Today, we will discuss the real benefits of SEO.

No nonsense. No promises that are “pie-in-the sky”. We’ve only learned the truths over the last 10 years providing performance-based search engine optimization.

1. SEO can bring targeted traffic

SEO companies are right about one thing: They deliver on their promises. SEO is essential to increasing the targeted traffic to your website.

Remember that millions of people search every day. If you can rank your website higher for smart keywords then you are pretty much guaranteed more clicks.

These efforts may be futile if you don’t do keyword research. Clicks alone don’t guarantee more qualified leads, or potential customers.

Do your research before you start. Keyword research, competitor analysis and an on-page SEO evaluation of your website are all part of this.

2. Many search users have buyer intent

Social or display advertising is not something I am going to criticize. Both our clients and ourselves benefit from them.

It is unlikely that a social media ad will lead to a customer making a purchase.

You can bet that if someone searches for the price of your service (or the details of the product or service you offer) on Google you will have the perfect opportunity to put your brand in their face. It’s time to introduce them to your brand.

As you may have noticed, you will also need to choose smart keywords.

You can build links, optimize pages and achieve higher rankings for as long as you want. If you are targeting the wrong keywords then your SEO results will not translate into sales.

Do your research and seek help when needed. Make sure that you have someone on staff who knows what they are doing if you do SEO in-house. Ask your SEO firm to handle it for you if you are outsourcing!

3. The gift that keeps on giving: Organic traffic

It’s important. You might have already guessed it, but it is worth mentioning.

PPC campaigns will cost you money every time someone clicks on an advertisement. Shocker, right?

You only have to invest your time, energy and/or cash to achieve higher rankings with organic traffic. The traffic is then literally free.

No cost per click required.

You can see how your CPA can fall off a cliff after a while, once you have seen an improvement in search visibility.

The data indicates that the top 3 results on the SERPs receive over 50% of clicks.

Aim for the top and watch as your CPA drops.

4. Brand and Industry Authority

Many users will feel the urge to continue scrolling down once they see the “Ads” icon.

Users are more likely than not to trust companies that have earned their top ranking, rather than those who paid for it. This is a result of “banner blindness”, a phenomenon.

The top organic positions, on the other hand expose your brand to more leads and also help you establish its authority in a particular topic.

It can help to build your reputation and attract influencers that can expand your reach online.

5. Snowball Effects on Your Content Marketing Efforts

SEO is a great way to grow your business.

Search crawlers and algorithms will increasingly consider your domain as relevant the higher you rank and gain authority in your field.

If you can get some of your pages to rank higher for various targeted keywords, and your users engage with your content it is likely that the rest of your content will also get a boost.

You may see that a blog post on the best marketing strategies contains a few internal links leading to specific content. One could be for social media and another for email marketing.

All of this will be dependent on smart internal links, optimizing your site for users and crawlers and updating it regularly (this is an important ranking factor! ).

Use common sense when it comes to internal links!

Imagine you’ve written a piece that lists the best marketing strategies. You can link to your more detailed resources if you have previously covered one or more of these strategies.

Do not just cram them into your content. Instead, weave them in naturally at relevant places. Do not just cram them in content!

Consider the following for page optimization:


Try to keep your sections and articles short. You should try to include a subheading for every 300 words. This will keep your readers interested and help you direct their attention. Content that is “skimmable” is good content.

Visual elements

Images are more attractive than plain text. Use enough images to keep your reader’s attention on the page.

Bullet Points

Bullet points are a great way to make written content easier to digest. Use bullet points to summarize important information, cite data or provide quick tips.

The conclusion of the article is:

It can be difficult to distinguish between the truth and fiction on the internet.

SEO can be a difficult subject to understand because there is a lot of technical language. Do your research, read guides and arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible.

You know now that SEO is worth your time and effort.

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