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Six Proven Tips for Improving Local SEO Strategies

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90% of Google searches are clicked on by businesses on the first page. Your business should be on the first page.

If you want to increase your market share, it is important to implement a local SEO strategy. If you want your company to be known, local search is crucial. You’re losing out on major opportunities if you don’t use it.

Six proven tips to improve your local search strategy

1. Add your location to Local SEO Strategies

In your website copy, you should include keywords such as “California”, “San Francisco”, and other relevant terms. Google will be able to tell exactly who you are trying to reach. This allows them to determine how relevant your site is for natives of that region.

2. Optimize your website for voice search

Google reports that 27% of mobile searches are done using voice commands. Optimising your site for voice searches is the best way to improve local SEO.

Voice searches tend to be more detailed and longer than text-based ones. Instead of using general keywords like “restaurants”, or “nearest restaurant”, people will use phrases that are specific to their location, such as “where can I get pizza near me?”.

3. Keywords are important for your business

Start by analyzing what people are searching for when they search for similar businesses on Google. This can be done using keyword research tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs. These tools show which keywords are searched the most on a monthly base and how competitive they are.

4. Build an online presence on trusted review sites

Remember that reviews are essential to any successful business. Promote your business through review sites relevant to your field and trustworthy.

5. Local SEO with Google My Business

Google My Business listings are displayed by search engines to help users find you. You can rank higher on the SERPs if you have a strong presence in GMB (Google My Business). This can result in more traffic, sales, and conversions.

6. Create quality content for local consumers

Local SEO campaigns allow you to create content that is relevant for the people you know. Create content that helps them get the results they desire.

Get Listed on Google’s First Page

There is no short-cut to a successful local SEO strategy. It’s important to be strategic and patient.


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