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Seven CRO tools that will help you get more customers

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It’s a common saying in marketing, that half of the money spent on advertising is wasted. The problem is knowing which half.

It’s similar to drilling for oil when you are looking for new customers. Is it a good idea to keep drilling if something is working? It’s not a good idea. The best strategy to use is to continue drilling.

Small business owners often jump from one marketing tactic to another without focusing on what is most important for their businesses. This is mainly due to a failure to know what works for their business online.

You can create remarketing list, analyze traffic and track conversions using seven free tools.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have in your marketing arsenal. Its ability is unmatched to slice and dice traffic on your website to determine how it is performing.

Google Analytics shows you the exact ROI for each dollar of advertising you spend. This information will help you make better decisions.

Say, for example, you’ve tested a new channel of marketing and have seen some conversions. You can scale what works if you know your average cost to acquire a new customer, and you’re able to do so profitably. Google Analytics provides you with the data that you need to decide when you should scale up and when you should dial back on different marketing areas.


It is free software for A/B tests that helps you create split-tests to increase your conversion rate. You can use Optimizely to test different versions of your site on different segments of visitors and then compare them to determine the winner. This conversion optimization process gives you insight into your audience, and you can use the data to guide all your marketing decisions.

Highrise ran a series experiments on its site to increase sign-ups. This process, as you can see in the graph below, allowed Highrise’s website to more than double the number of signups it was receiving from its existing traffic.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Business Manager allows you to create ads for Facebook and Instagram. Facebook allows you to create targeted lists of people who visit your website.

Facebook’s Custom Audiences allows you to segment the traffic on your website. You can create Custom audiences for your customers, people who downloaded free content from your website, or even people who visited specific pages. You can target your visitors based upon their interests or actions taken when they visited your site.

What does this mean for your business? You can run Facebook ads to:

Your ads can be blocked from being seen by customers.

Only target people who have visited your website.

You can reach people who already have done business on your website, such as those who have made purchases or signed up for your newsletter.

You can lower your advertising costs and increase engagement by bringing back people who are already familiar with you. And you can nurture relationships even without email addresses.

Twitter Custom Audiences

Twitter’s advertising platform allows you to track conversions and create custom audiences, just like Facebook. Twitter allows you to target television audiences. This can be incredibly useful if your ideal customers watch certain shows.

Are your customers football fans? You can instantly get your brand in front these people by targeting Monday Night Football and other football-related shows.

Twitter’s platform may not be as robust as Facebook’s, but you can still get a lot useful information to help you create audience profiles and test copy. Split testing your ads and website messages can help you speed up A/B tests and create powerful marketing messages.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a familiar name. AdWords is expensive but it’s a very effective marketing channel. It allows anyone to tap into targeted traffic when they need it.

Ad spend can quickly get out of control if you don’t track conversions. The worst part is? The worst part is that you won’t know the details of what went wrong.

You can set your budget, and Google won’t exceed it. It can be difficult to dial into your AdWords Account and send customers. It’s important to set up Custom Audiences in order to remarket. AdWords can be used to attract laser-targeted visitors, then you can use Facebook, Twitter, the Display Network, and Facebook to send out a series of remarketing advertisements to introduce people to your content and brand.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is the best way to future-proof and manage JavaScript Snippets on your website.

Google’s tool simplifies the process of managing tags on your website. You will need to insert code into your website to track conversions, and to capture audience data when you install Google Analytics.

Google Tag Manager allows you to manage your entire website without ever having to touch your website files.


Wistia has the most comprehensive tool to track engagement for any video hosted on your site. It will show you how many visitors watched a particular video, on which page, and much more. Wistia sends these data to Google Analytics in the form of Events so that you can track them within Google Analytic and/or the app.

What can you do with this? You can check to see if the video is having an impact on sales or sign-ups. You can then design your website to encourage more people to watch it. If not, you will need to test the other elements that influence sign-ups.


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