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How long will it take to see results from digital marketing?

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1. Your Industry and Relative Competitors

How long it takes to see the results of digital marketing depends on your industry.

If you run a local small business, the results are usually faster than a national company. This is largely due to the competitive nature.

Despite the fact that this has been true ever since we created RankPay, in 2007, small business owners still do not love their digital footprint as much as they should. Many businesses are “trapped” in the past, relying solely on word-of-mouth or local magazines to generate leads.

The majority of potential customers turn to Google when making purchasing decisions. They don’t know this or have the resources or time to take advantage of the opportunity.

With lighter competition, little efforts can go a very long way.

However, larger national entities will face more competition and, often, better-established name brands. The strategy is therefore quite different and one can expect that results will take longer. The execution time is extended not only because of the longer time required to complete a project, but also because tackling an industry giant requires patience and perseverance.

2. Your digital marketing budget

Nobody likes to be told they need to spend more money in order to get things moving faster. It is true in both life and business.

It’s simple. It costs money to do good work.

We bring a diverse range of US-based talent to bear when we work with a customer on a comprehensive strategy for digital marketing. PPC experts, senior business advisors, project managers and accomplished writers are just a few of the many talents we bring to bear when working with a client on implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This is not cheap for us, as you can imagine.

We will have a smaller impact and longer timeframes for results if we are restricted by the budget of a client to a single marketing medium.

This is only true up to a certain extent. There are limits and diminishing returns.

The old saying, “You get what you pay” still holds true today.

If you are offered rock bottom prices, you will most likely receive rock bottom service. We’ve already discussed that good talent is expensive to hire and retain.

3. Your Co-operation

Here’s some more bad news. You will have to do some “homework” even if you hire an excellent digital marketing agency that matches your team’s values and fits with them.

Early on in a partnership for digital marketing, close coordination and collaboration are required.

I’ve seen many client engagements stall on execution because our client is too busy to approve or respond to important areas of our collaboration.

If you’re able to spare a few minutes here and there, to your digital marketing agency/firm/consultant, you will dramatically improve the timeframe in which you can expect results.

You will be able to delay timelines, and your return on investment may also be delayed.

Of course, I can understand the situation of a busy business owner. There’s no judgement here. The above is true, but you should still keep it in mind if you want to know when your digital marketing will yield a return.

4. Start Here

Is your company brand-new? Your website is it well-established? Have you ever done any digital marketing?

It will take a lot longer to build up authority and establish a solid foundation in the search engine index if you start from scratch.

The opposite is true if you start from a baseline that has been established.

If you’ve been managing your Google Ads yourself, we may be able to quickly turn the account around with some efficiencies and modest restructuring. We’ll start from scratch if you have never run any ads. It may take some time for Google to provide you with the traction you need.

5. Additional Factors

There are many more factors than the ones listed above that can affect the time taken to see results. They all sort of relate back to the big four.

If you build a starter site for your business using and your marketing goals are different, the platform limitations of Wix may make it more difficult to reach your goals. This ties into the “Starting Point”, (Number 4) and “Budget”, (Number 2), because you can always upgrade to an even more powerful content management system like WordPress if your budget allows it.

6. The conclusion of the article is:

It is difficult to answer the question, “How long will it take for digital marketing results to appear?”. It’s also almost as much an art as it is a science.

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