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Five Free and Paid Backlink Tools for SEO

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Kerboo, a UK-based service that analyzes and monitors links, is an online tool for monitoring.

You can protect your organic visibility by using their backlink analysis tool. This will help you avoid competitors or shady sites that could damage your link profile. Their user-friendly interface allows you to quickly identify link issues so that you can correct them right away.

You can disavow links and audit your link profile. You will know instantly when a link is removed, so you can contact the publisher to make things right. In some cases, bad links can be removed from your account.

Kerboo allows you to set alerts so that you are notified when your competitor links back to a partner.

Kerboo’s platform allows you to monitor your backlinks over time and gain insights into the effectiveness of your content.

Their platform allows you to review links quickly and efficiently, saving time without compromising accuracy.

Kerboo does not offer a trial period, but you can arrange a 20-minute free demo. Prices start at PS249 per month.


Seobility offers an All-In-One SEO Software that includes a number of tools for optimizing your website.

The free Backlink Checker gives you a complete overview of all your backlinks

For a specific domain or URL. It can be used to check both your own links and those of others.

Find new opportunities to build links with our competitors.

The results page displays the total backlinks as well as the referring domains.

Domain rating and the ratio of follow to no-follow links. Below, you’ll find a list

Referring domains shows up to 400 sites. Each result includes an overview.

Individual link ratings and information on its anchor text, type of link and link type (text or images).

Register for free to make 3 checks per day. Basic account is free and includes 5 checks

If you upgrade to Seobility Premium ($50/month), you will have 50 checks.

Seobility also offers a full suite of software that includes on-page analysis and ranking monitoring.

A TF*IDF and more comprehensive backlinks analysis.


CognitiveSEO offers a complete SEO package that includes a backlink analysis. The platform handles all aspects of link research, giving you an overview at a glance. You can view the number of new links that you have gained or lost, your top referring domains and the links within content as well as the links outside content.

They allow you to examine the link profile of any website. The information is updated in real time to provide you with the most current impression. The reporting feature allows users to instantly run multiple reports that detail each website’s growth history and link data. Compare your website with your competitors’ to see where you stand in terms of linking building.

The tool can be used to protect your ranking. The tool is a fantastic Unnatural Link Detection that looks for anomalies which may cause penalties. You can check if a hyperlink looks unnatural, without having to do the extensive searching and finding that manual review requires. With a single click, you can also disavow a link.

Try these features out for 14 days.

Rank signals

Rank Signals has many of the same features that other link-checking tools offer, but they have one important feature that sets them apart: They differentiate between nofollow and dofollow links.

The link explorer tool displays not only your link profile, but also the links that have nofollow tags. Search engines do not usually pick up nofollow links, so their SEO score is not affected. You should know the difference between nofollow links and dofollow links. This will help you determine which links are most valuable to your profile. If you have 100 backlinks but only three are dofollow, then you should look for better places to create backlinks.

You have no control over what happens to your links after they are posted. Pages can move. Old content gets deleted. You can’t keep up manually. You can easily detect broken or deleted links with Rank Signals so that you can fix any issues as soon as possible.

Rank Signals, like other tools for link analysis, will help you identify spammy links which can affect your ranking. They provide link signals and metrics, and help you compare your own link profile with your competitors.

They offer a limited (free) backlink checker on their website, without requiring any signup.

Link Research Tools

Link Research Tools has many features, including a backlink checker. Their link data is gathered from 25 different sources, unlike other tools. This gives you the most comprehensive insight.

Link Research Tools is a platform that allows you to quickly and easily disavow links, and thus remove Google penalties. They can even help your links to be crawled quicker, allowing you to regain lost visibility faster. It is even more important now, since Penguin’s update can cause your score to be affected by any small mistake made with link building. Link Research Tools can help you determine whether your links are high-quality and low-risk.

You can also use their real-time monitoring tool to be notified via email when you or your competitor receives new backlinks. This feature is particularly useful in combating any negative link-building you may not have known about.

For $7, you can get a 7-day trial that allows access to all of their features. However, the cost to continue using them is steep.


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