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Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Advertising

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Social media marketing has quickly taken over the PR and branding strategies of companies in just a few years. Businesses had to quickly learn to develop effective social media strategies, or risk being left behind. Digital marketers continue to invest heavily in Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook social media ads account for approximately 25% of digital advertising spending. Facebook is still a popular platform for advertisers because of its huge user base.

Instagram is the top destination for young consumers and influencers. Instagram will receive 83% more engagement in 2022 than Facebook.

Using these platforms effectively is key to crafting the best strategy. Continue reading to get a complete list of social media marketing dos and donts.

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Advertising

Let’s start with strategies that can help you design the best digital campaigns. It might seem easy to use social media, but planning is required to reach the right audience. These sections will give you tips on how to develop your social media campaign.

Consider Your Posts Before You Post

You want to ensure that you are using the right tone and message, especially when managing the social media pages of businesses or public figures. You don’t wish to post something carelessly that could lead to more work in the future to repair damage to reputations.

You don’t need to apologize later. Think about it. Plan your brand story carefully. This list will highlight the steps involved in thinking about your brand’s strategy.

Find Your Target Audience

It’s worth noting that this is another common sense idea. When you’re deciding what to post on social networks, it’s important to think of your main audience first. Consider the demographics of the consumers who will best fit your page.

Consider how people identify with certain groups. This could include:

Age group (teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc.)

Generation (Boomers/Gen X, Millennials/Gen-Z)


Special interest groups (fandoms, hobbies, etc.)



Imagine that your social media posts are part of a larger conversation. When you post, to whom are you talking? Who is the most likely to be interested in your brand? You want to target this audience with your social media ads.

Engage your current and prospective followers

The hashtag is a great way to encourage consumers to engage with your brand. The clever hashtag may be a thing of the past, but using hashtags to promote your brand can help you connect users and see what they are saying about it.

Posts that ask for direct responses are another way to engage your audience. You can do this by posting regular polls. They can sometimes be about your product, but they can also just be silly questions.

Giveaways and contests encourage followers to interact. You can have a caption or photo contest, where you post using a hashtag. A drawing is another option where participants must subscribe or tag friends in order to be entered.

Join the Conversations that are Trending

Social listening is an important part of having a presence online. Social media strategists must always be active on various social media platforms in order to keep up with the latest trends and audience interests.

Keep an eye on what’s trending in your niche or industry. Even commenting on current events can boost your social media profile, so long as you do it honestly.

Continue the theme by treating your social media as a conversation between you and your consumers. Use posts to discuss issues and topics your audience is interested in and has posted about.

Use different types of posts and add visuals

Content that includes both images and captions is more likely to be favored by algorithms. Also, you should be careful about what visuals to add to your posts. Your brand should be reflected in the images you use.

Visuals are a great way to create engaging content. Internet audiences are often able to communicate with one another using a visual language. Memes, in particular, are a great way to do this. By adding visuals to your content, you can reach a wide range of audiences with varying literacy levels or languages.

Both photography and film content are considered visuals. Film content is gaining popularity and engagement among audiences. These visuals are suitable for both regular and scheduled posts as well as Instagram stories. This is a popular tool among influencers, younger audiences, and Instagram.

Avoid This When Using Social Media for Advertising

When it comes to content creation, your social media strategy will do many things right. However, things can go wrong if they are done badly, posted without thinking, or created by someone that doesn’t know the internet.

Avoid these major mistakes when creating your social media ads.

Don’t spam your reader’s feeds with too many articles

Use different content for each platform

DO NOT use or tag someone else’s content without their permission

Spread out your message over multiple posts instead of cramming too much info into one.

Posting without proofreading is not acceptable.

Don’t ignore constructive feedback from your audience

Social media shouldn’t be taken personally

Social media platforms are only a small part of the overall strategy for a brand. Be sure to reflect your brand’s image in the style and quality of your content. Social media shouldn’t be the weakest link of your marketing campaign.

Create social media content that gets the highest conversion rates

These strategies will allow you to create high-quality social media ads. Social media is a powerful tool for marketing strategists.

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