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Majestic (Integrates SEOJet)

You need to check a URL or domain quickly? Majestic allows you to search for free. It’s not a lot of information, but it is a good solution if you just want the basics, like your Link Quality and Link Volume scores or those of a competitor.

They also offer additional features with the paid service. You can view a complete link profile that gives you data such as referring domains and external backlinks.

Majestic’s Referring Domains feature is packed with great information. You can quickly see how many domains are referring to your site and whether they have live links or dofollow links. You can see how many pages have more than one link, also known as supplemental links.

You can get a Site Explorer, which is a more detailed version of the Site Explorer for free.

Prices start at $49 per month. This makes them one of most cost-effective backlink tools.

Monitor Backlinks

This tool is a dual solution that combines keyword and backlink monitoring into one. The simple interface makes it easy for users to use all the features. This tool offers some of the most useful features for backlink management, including disavowing bad backlinks with just a click and viewing all your data on a single dashboard.

This tool will give you a current look at your link profile. This tool will let you know when a website gives you a link, which in turn can help you build strong relationships with the site. You can get an instant notification, just like with other tools, when one of your backlinks is removed.

Its ability to display relevant websites with high authority that may offer opportunities for link building is one of its greatest advantages. This feature can save you hours in manual outreach and trial-and-error that don’t yield a good return.

When spying on their competition, they use reverse engineering. You can see their keywords and backlinks at a glance and analyze their marketing strategy.

SEM Rush

Backlink auditing and analysis are included in their suite of products.

You can use their backlink audit tool to instantly find your backlinks and determine which are dangerous. These backlinks can be sent directly to Google Disavow in order to keep your profile clean.

You can also verify the quality and authority of links by comparing them to those of competitors. You can use the anchor text to get ideas for keywords, compare your links with those of your competitors, check if you are using a text link, an image link, or a web form link, and determine if each link is dofollow or nofollow.

You can use their tools to build links, but you can also do keyword research, display ads and product ads. You can compare domains, find keyword ideas and perform a website SEO audit.

It is an extremely feature-rich platform that is perfect for anyone who is looking to implement a more aggressive SEO strategy. Plans start at $99.95 a month. You can test it out for free. SEMrush has several levels of service, which you can compare on their site to determine exactly what you are paying for.

Moz (integrated with SEOJet).

Moz’s backlink checker is an important part of its success. The focus is on helping users build a high-quality link profile that will drive inbound marketing. They finally updated their backlink index, which had been long overdue.

Moz offers an integration toolbar that provides instant SEO metrics and insights for each website you visit. This toolbar can be downloaded and used for free.

Moz allows you to research backlinks of your competitors and yourself in order to find unique opportunities for link building. You can also identify potentially damaging links within your profile to take immediate action before they do serious damage to your reputation.

They crawl the internet continuously to provide you with the latest information. You can see more than just basic information about links, such as spam score (the lower it is the better), anchor texts, and title and URL.

Enter any URL from their homepage to test their tool. You can view domain authority, page authoriy, and inbound links data with their free version. Moz Pro is free to try for 30 days. After that, it costs $159 per month.

Backlink Watch

This tool will probably be the easiest to use because it is the only one on the page. Enter the URL of the site you are investigating and then wait for results.

You will receive simple, straightforward information. The information you receive is simple and straightforward. There isn’t much more to offer for backlinks. They also don’t have a way to pay extra for features. This is a simple, quick backlink checking tool that delivers exactly what it promises.

It does look busier because of the ads. The interface is not as clean as other backlink checking tools. The results take a bit longer to appear compared to the other tools. Some backlinks may not have all the information (for instance, page rank rata may not be present for all entries).

It is 100% free and easy to use. This is a good option for those on a tight budget, or who only need the basics (especially to spy on competitors).

Open Link Profiler

This simple backlink tool was designed with one goal in mind: to get reliable backlink data.

It’s easy to use – simply type in any URL, and click on the green button. The tool compares the unique links of a website to the total number active links. (No, they are not always the exact same!) The tool also looked at links to the home page of the website and the number nofollow links.

This feature is not available on any other backlink checking tools. You can get a better understanding of the importance of each link to the search engine ranking. The more influence a link has, the higher its score.

The type of industry in which each website is linked, its page title, URL, anchor text, link destination and date established are all valuable.

Platform also has a disavow function to remove harmful links. It shows popular anchor texts, pages with the most backlinks, a breakdown by industry of the websites that are linked to, context of the link (news website, blog, etc. ), the counties that the website is located in, and the option to set up link notifications.

Sign up for a Free Account to get access to most of the features. You can also pay for a premium version.

URL Profiler

The SEO features of this multitasking tool include backlink tools.

The link prospecting tool combines all the backlink features from Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs in a single platform. You can compare URL metrics and domain metrics across different sources in order to determine their accuracy. This data can be used to create powerful reports which give you an overview of your link profile.

Their ability to extract email addresses from the contact page of a domain can help you streamline your outreach. You can avoid visiting each site you wish to contact by using this feature.

A third selling point is to be able to track site traffic and identify possible referral sources. URL Profiler makes use of data from Alexa, SEMrush and other sources to determine a site’s popularity. This allows you to make an informed decision about whether the website is right for your needs.

Sign up for the 14-day free trial (no need to use a credit card) and you can access all of their features. Prices start at PS12.95 for a single device license.


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